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Plans For The 2015 Season

February 26, 2015

2015 Spring Training

It is the end of February. Pitchers and catchers have reported. Most of the rest of the players have reported. The first Spring Training games start in less than a week. It is a time of new beginnings, of preparations for a long season.

It is also time to make plans for this blog for the season. There will be a lot going on in 2015. There will be a weekly review of the Brewers coming out every Sunday night, starting on April 5. I have (at least) two fantasy teams and I plan on posting weekly updates on them as well. I will give my predictions for each division before the season starts and update those predictions at the All-Star break. I will also review those predictions at the end of the season and make my playoff predictions.

I am learning about advanced statistics and sabermetrics this season, so that will also be covered. I will pass along the knowledge that I gain at various points during the season. It will also be covered in my fantasy team updates, as I plan on using this knowledge to help me make decisions throughout the season.

The other project that I have planed for 2015 is keeping a list of Twitter accounts up to date. This list will include current and former Brewers, coaches, broadcasters, journalists, bloggers, and anybody else that is relevant to the Brewers. I will do my best to keep it current, but if you do find an error or omission, please let me know.

So that is the plan for the 2015 season. There will also be other updates and posts about the Brewers and baseball in general. For now, we wait to hear every baseball fan’s favorite words:

Play Ball!

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