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Fantasy Draft #1

February 25, 2015

I finished my first draft last night. It is for a 6-team league called The Legends. The premise of this league is that the teams are supposed to be named after an MLB legend. My team is Brooks Robinson.

I prioritized my list by using the projected 2015 WAR for each player. My draft was pretty successful. I had the second pick and I took advantage of it. I ended up with two of the first three on my list, and five of the first nine. Twenty-three of my picks were in the top 75 on my list. Of the seven that were not in the top 75, all but one were pitchers. My last pick was Jean Segura, just because I am a Brewer fan and I could use another shortstop.

Here is a summary of what I ended up with:


Buster Posey
Yadier Molina
Yan Gomes


Freddie Freeman
Joey Votto
Chase Headley
Steve Pearce
Brandon Belt
Buster Posey


Dustin Pedroia
Ben Zobrist
Brett Lawrie


Josh Donaldson
Evan Longoria
Kyle Seager
Chase Headley
Brett Lawrie
Manny Machado


Ben Zobrist
Erick Aybar
Jean Segura


Ben Zobrist
Andrew McCutchen
Carlos Gomez
Jason Heyward
Steve Pearce
Kole Calhoun


Yu Darvish
Hisashi Iwakuma
Jeff Samardzija
Alex Wood
Cliff Lee
Gio Gopnzalez


Mark Melancon
Alex Wood
Huston Street
Jonathan Broxton

All in all I am happy with this roster to start the season. According to the draft analysis, my team is projected to finish fifth out of six teams. My biggest problem is pitching, but we will see how that turns out.

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