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2013 AL Central Predictions – All Star Break Update

July 15, 2013

It is almost time for the All-Star Game, which is a good time to review the predictions that I made at the beginning of the season.  It is also a good time to make some mid-season adjustments.  Let’s take a look at how I had the AL Central finishing:

1   Tigers
2   Royals
3   Indians
4   Twins
5   White Sox

I’m pretty happy with these predictions.

1 Tigers – The Tigers have added Torii Hunter to a team that already includes Miguel Cabrera (AL MVP and triple crown winner), Prince Fielder, and Justin Verlander.  They are the team to beat in the AL Central.  They are still the team to beat in this division.

2 Royals – The Royals have a good young core with Billy Butler and Alex Gordon.  James Shields and Wade Davis should be welcome additions to the rotation.  The Royals have a chance to break through and make a serious run at the playoffs in 2013.  The Royals are limping into the All-Star break, but I still think that they will make a late run to finish second.

3 Indians – The Indians made a big splash by signing Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn.  Their offense should be above average, but their pitching staff has too many question marks.  This team just seems to be average this season.  The Indians are just above .500, which is probably how they are going to finish.

4 Twins – The Twins have some potential, but like most teams, the pitching staff will be the key to how they finish.  If Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau can stay healthy all season, the offense will be productive.  This is a team that could over achieve and surprise some people; but even then, it looks like a fourth place finish is about the best they can hope for.  The Twins are struggling in the first half but they are still in fourth place.

5 White Sox – The pitching staff for the White Sox does not appear to be very intimidating.  There is power in the middle of the lineup but they are starting to show signs of age.  They are going to miss A.J. Pierzynski, who leaves a hole in the lineup, behind the plate, and in the locker room.  The White Sox are not not having a good season. 

Besides the Tigers, the AL Central is made up of mediocre teams.  None of them are horrible, but it looks like the wild card team will come out of the East and West this season.  Well, the White Sox and Twins aren’t quite mediocre yet, but other than that, I stand by my earlier statements.

I’m going to stick with my prediction for the AL Central.  The Tigers will run away with the division with the Royals and Indians battling for second place and the Twins and White Sox bringing up the rear.


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