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Fantasy Draft Recap

March 23, 2015

My draft was last night and here are the results. I had the 12th pick in the draft.

1st round – Felix Hernandez
2nd round – Max Scherzer
3rd round – Johnny Cueto
4th round – Craig Kimbrel
5th round – Greg Holland
6th round – Jake Arrieta
7th round – Dellin Betances
8th round – Mark Melancon
9th round – Mike Fiers
10th round – Jonathan Lucroy
11th round – Ben Zobrist
12th round – Daniel Murphy
13th round – Alcides Escobar
14th round – Erick Aybar
15th round – Adam Eaton
16th round – Martin Prado
17th round – Joe Mauer
18th round – Angel Pagan
19th round – Scooter Gennett
20th round – Michael Cuddyer
21st round – Nori Aoki
22nd round – Ender Inciarte
23rd round – Joe Panik

I went with Scherzer in the second hoping that Chris Sale will last until the end of the third round because of his foot injury. He ended up getting picked up 6 picks before my third round pick.

Lucroy was a steal for me. He is projected to score 65 runs with a .298 average and he was available in the 10th round.

I am projected to finish first in the league. I did a good job of reaching my goals for 2015 projections.


1000 Runs 1007

200 Stolen Bases 173

.285 Average .286

95 Wins 84

120 Saves 171

1500 Strikeouts 1433

2.95 ERA 2.79

1.10 WHIP 1.06

I am pretty happy with the draft. I need to be on the lookout for a catcher, just in case Lucroy goes down. Other than that, I think that I am pretty well covered. I ended up with more closers than I was planning on, but they were available. That is why I did not quite get to my strikeout and win goals.


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  1. This is a nice team. Much better than I would have thought possible. My draft is next Tuesday and we draw numbers about 30 minutes before the draft for position. I am almost convinced that this is the way to go, but I am not sure if I am that committed if I am drafting in the top five spots.

    Either way, it does seem that there are a lot of good pitchers being drafted very early. Would you be concerned if another owner is also following the same strategy? You might run out of pitchers by round 5.

    Also, at what point are you willing to stray from your plan to get a hitter that you love and would be a huge bargain in round 6-10?

    Thanks for allowing me to ask some questions

    • I would stick with my plan unless Johnny Cueto was not available in the second round.

      Drafting in the first five spots almost guarantees that I will get either Kershaw or Hernandez.

      If one other owner is going after pitchers, I would stick with it. If two or more do it, I’ll switch to closers, then go after runs and stolen bases.

      Unless two or more other owners are going after pitchers, I am not even looking at batters until the tenth round.

      And you are welcome. Ask all the questions you want. I am happy to answer as many as I can.

  2. Two questions:

    1. in retrospect do you wish you had grabbed another starting pitcher in the 4th or 5th round as opposed to selecting Craig Kimbrel or Greg Holland? It seems the sweet spot for closers is 6-9 and if you had gotten another SP in 4 or 5 then you would have not needed to get Mike Fiers in round 9.

    2. What are you seeing in Mike Fiers over other guys? From what I have seen he is just a guy that would be available on the waiver wire.

    Thanks for letting me ask dumb questions.

    • These are not dumb questions at all. The pitchers available in the 4th and 5th rounds all have a WHIP around 1.12 or higher. If I wait until the 6th round, it would be difficult to get both Kimbrel and Holland.

      I went with Fiers because he is projected to strikeout 190 batters and have a WHIP of 1.12. I did not see any other pitchers that had that many strikeouts projected with a low WHIP. He may be available on the waiver wire, but then why would I draft somebody just to replace him with a waiver wire pickup? He was the pitcher that best fit my strategy for that round.

      The way that my draft went, I ended up with 4 solid starters and 4 solid closers. Fiers is a good pitcher to come off the bench.

      Of course, depending on how the season turns out, I may wish I had grabbed another starting pitcher earlier. But for now, I am happy with my team.

  3. I think I am going to try to follow your strategy this year unless I get the number 1 pick. Not sure if I can go with Clayton number 1 over Trout. But rounds 2-10 I will focus on pitching and I feel like I will come out pretty good. I kept Christian Yellach so I am starting off with a good OF spot. He cost me a 16th round pick, pretty good trade.

    • I played around with drafting a couple of guys before going with pitchers, but it pretty much worked out the same. I may have picked up a few more runs, but not enough to matter. Remember, if you go pitchers first, you are giving up on home runs and RBIs. You want to dominate the pitching, winning 4 or 5 of those categories every week. Then, if you win stolen bases and runs scored, you will win the week.

      • DJ,

        We had our draft Tuesday night. I followed your plan to a point. The 3rd through 6th rounds were so pitching heavy that there wasn’t much left to choose from in the 7th and 8th so I went hitters. Like you suggested, I chose only guys that had a high avg and tried to get stolen bases. I think I like my team, but every year I like my team and it never translates into a top 3 finish. I appreciate all the advice.

      • Good luck this season! Be sure to let me know how you are doing. What pitchers did you end up with?

  4. DJ,

    I didn’t want to hijack your site with my guys and I really appreciate you asking. I was in the 4th position out of 12 teams.
    1. Kershaw
    2. Scherzer
    3. Cueto
    4. A Chapman
    5. Holland (My wife called just before I made this pick. We spoke for several minutes but trying to keep up with the draft and talking was almost impossible. I made a tactical error in round six.)
    6. D Robinson (Smaradizja, Cole, Shields and Gio. That was the end of the front line guys and I should have drafted one of them and gotten Robinson in the 7th)
    7. Revere
    8. J Harrison
    9. J Fernandez
    10. A Escobar
    11. J Werth
    12.Joe Mauer
    13. M Prado
    14. A Lind
    15. R Odor
    16. S Pearce
    17. W Rosario
    18. S Gennett
    19. Yelich (kepper)
    20. B Butler
    21. Rajai Davis
    22. Torii Hunter
    23. Chad Qualls
    24. tony Watson

    Fernandez will be placed on the DL. I will be looking for a replacement pitcher. My top target FA is Tanner Roark then Mike Leake, Matt Shoemaker, Jason Hamel, or Chris Tillman.

    Again, thanks for all the advice and listening. You are very wonderful with your time and thoughts. Happy Easter and I wish you all the best in your leagues.


    • It looks like you have a pretty solid team. Good luck to you and Happy Easter!

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