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My 5 Favorite Moments in Brewers History

September 11, 2014

#3 – Two Out in the Bottom of the Ninth

My third favorite moment in Brewers history happened on June 27, 2007.  I was at Miller Park, celebrating my birthday, spending time with family, and watching the Brewers take on the Houston Astros.  It had been a couple of years since I was in Wisconsin during the baseball season, so I was enjoying the game. It was also my daughter’s first Brewer game, which just added to the excitement for me.

Miller Park

Scott Paulus/Milwaukee Brewers Photos

The Brewers jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the second when Prince Fielder, Bill Hall, and Damien Miller all doubled.  The Astros tied it up with a run in the third and another in the fourth.  Milwaukee took the lead with a run in the fifth, but Lance Berkman tied it up again with a home run in the sixth.

The game would remain tied at 3 after 9 innings, which meant that we were going to extra innings!  I love baseball, so more baseball was good for me.  The rest of the party was starting to get a little bit tired, but most of them they stuck with it.  My 3-year old daughter and her 4 year old cousin fell asleep in the 9th, but the rest of us were still watching.

In the 11th inning, Damien Miller came to bat with Bill Hall on second and Geoff Jenkins on first and one out.  Miller sent the ball to left-center field, clearing the wall for a game winning three-run home run.

Damian Miller

Morry Gash, AP


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