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My 5 Favorite Moments in Brewers History

February 14, 2014

#4 – Nieves No-Hitter

My fourth favorite moment in Brewers history is Juan Nieves’ no-hitter in 1987.  The 1987 Brewers were an exciting team deserving of the nickname, “Team Streak.”  They came into the game on April 15 with an 8-0 record. They would finish the game as winners of their first 9 games of the season.

Juan Nieves

At this time, the only games that were televised in Milwaukee were road games, and even then, not all of them were shown.  This one happened to be one that was on TV.

Nieves did not have good stuff that day, as he called his fastball mediocre and his slider awful.  He walked five batters and needed several spectacular plays to keep from giving up a hit.  Eddie Murray had 2 base hits robbed from him.  Jim Paciorek made a diving catch in left field in the second inning.  And who could forget Robin Yount making this diving catch in center field for the final out off the bat of Murray?


That set off one of many celebrations for the 1987 Brewers.


Juan Nieves is still the only Brewer to have thrown a no-hitter and I still remember the thrill of watching Yount ending the game with his diving catch.


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One Comment
  1. That was one of the greatest times in Brewers history. I had just started working at a new job that week and the Brewers captivated the entire baseball world with their 13-0 start (still an MLB record to this day), the Juan Nieves no-hitter, and the Easter Sunday Miracle. It sure made working at that new job memorable. I just love reminiscening about it every April.

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