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Gomez Offends Braves

September 25, 2013

So Carlos Gomez offended the Braves.  Go ahead and watch the highlight video before continuing.

OK, first things first.  I hate it when somebody stands and watches their home run.  It is disrespectful and not very professional.  However, shouting at him as he goes around the bases is not a good way to retaliate.  The jawing back and forth looked ridiculous.

What I saw next was unbelievable.  Braves catcher Brian McCann blocked Gomez from reaching home.  Gomez and McCann proceeded to get into a heated argument that ended up clearing the benches.  Gomez never did reach home, but they did count the run.  Gomez, Atlanta first baseman Freddie Freeman, and Atlanta backup catcher Gerald Laird were all ejected.

What I don’t understand is how McCann did not get ejected.  Tempers were flying, but the benches did not clear until McCann obstructed Gomez.  I’m all for a catcher blocking the plate, but not until he has the ball.  This time, the ball wasn’t even in the park any more.

This is going to make the start of the 2014 season fun for these two teams, as they open with a 3 game series against each other in Milwaukee.  McCann and pitcher Paul Maholm are free agents after the season and may not even be with the Braves for that meeting, but I’ll be expecting fireworks on March 31.


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