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Babe Ruth League Brewers

February 15, 2013

I am the manager of the Babe Ruth League Brewers this season.  I wasn’t planning on being the manager.  I thought I was going to be an assistant coach for the team that my daughter ended up on.  So we showed up to the tryouts ready for anything they had to throw at her.  What we weren’t ready for was the clipboard they threw at me.  It turns out that I was going to manage one of the teams.

So, I watched the tryouts (1 ground ball at shortstop and a trip around the bases) and took some quick notes.  I did get 2 of the top 3 on my list in the draft, and that was even with picking my daughter as my first 8 year old pick (we picked the 7 year olds, then went to the 8 year olds).

We had a meeting with the players and the parents that Saturday.  It looks like we have a great group of parents.  They are ready to cheer for their players and support the team.  And the players are very excited, almost as excited as I am.

Our first practice went smoothly.  There were enough parents helping where I could give individual instruction to the players.  All of the players responded very well when I gave them instructions.

For anybody who wants to follow the team, I have set up a website at  This site has a live scoreboard and it will have the schedule and results as soon as we have our schedule.  There is also a link to our team page on, which will allow you to get updates to your email or as text messages.

I am excited about this team.  They are going to learn a lot about baseball and have a lot of fun.  And I get to spend some time on the diamond.  Who could ask for anything more?


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