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Baseball Positions: Left Field is the Best

January 31, 2013

Left field is the best position on the baseball field. Since most hitters are right handed, and the best hitters pull the ball, the best hitters hit the ball to left field most often. Left fielders are counted on to be solid fielders, keeping runners from taking extra bases. At the plate, they are generally fast and are powerful hitters.

More than half of Major League hitters are right handed. A good hitter will pull the ball more often, which will give the left fielder more chances to field the ball with all of those right handed hitters. Also, those hits will generally be hit harder, making it that much more important to have a good fielder in left field.

A good left fielder will get to the ball quickly and get it back to the infield before the runners can take extra bases. A left fielder with good range will rob hitters of base hits by getting to more fly balls and catching them for outs. It is also the left fielder’s job to get back up many throws to third base, which can keep runners from scoring on errant throws.

Many times, a left fielder’s bat is just as important as their glove. They tend to have a good mix of speed and power. Their speed helps them get on base more often, and also allows them to steal bases. Their power helps them drive in runs.

In short, left field is the best position because of all of the action. More balls will be hit to left field, because the majority of hitters are right handed. Whether it is racing to catch a fly ball, cutting the ball off and holding the runner at first base, or backing up a play at third base and saving a run, left field provides plenty of excitement.

Some of the best left fielders of different eras are: Ted Williams, Ralph Kiner, Carl Yestremski, Lou Brock, Willie Stargell, Rickey Henderson, and Ryan Braun. Ted Williams is considered by many to be the best hitter of all time. Ralph Kiner hit 40 or more home runs 5 times. Carl Yestremski was the last to lead the league in average, home runs and RBIs in the same season. Willie Stargell hit 475 home runs. Lou Brock held the Major League record for stolen bases in a season and in a career, until Rickey Henderson broke them. And Ryan Braun is one of the best young hitters, batting over .300 and hitting 128 home runs in his first four seasons.

This is part of a series of articles explaining why each position on the baseball field is the best. This series is aimed towards coaches at all levels. It is my belief that every position is important, and they each need players with different strengths. It is my hope that coaches can use this series to help inspire a love for the game of baseball.

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