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No Time For Panic

October 12, 2011

Ok.  The Brewers got crushed on Monday.  Pujols showed that he is one of the best hitters in the game.  Things look pretty bad.  But it is no time to panic.  Gallardo is pitching tonight.  Fielder and Braun are both as good or better than Pujols.  And run differential does not factor in who wins the series.  The 9 run loss counts the same as the 3 run win.  It is tied up at 1 game apiece, and we have our ace on the mound.

For those who are still worried, remember the last time the Brewers and the Cardinals played in the playoffs.  The Brewers came out and won 10-0.  In St. Louis.  And they lost the series in 7 games.  It is a long series, and one thing that this team has done is persevere when things start looking bad.  Just look at how the season started and compare it to how it ended.  I think we can win tonight, and probably win at least one other in St. Louis.  That leaves just one of two back in Milwaukee, and with Gallardo lined up for game 7, I feel very confident.



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