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My All-Star Ballot

June 27, 2011

Below is my selections for the All-Star Game.  I will freely admit that I am biased in some of my selections.  In the National League, I tend to favor the Brewers (surprised?).  In the American League, I tend to favor anybody who is not on the Yankees.  This year was hard for me, because I have not been keeping up as well as I normally do.  I did not look at anybody’s stats before choosing.  I went by feel and by what I remember hearing about them this year.

I feel that the Brewers that I selected are having great years.  First base is always a tight race.  Even before Pujols was injured, I thought Fielder was having a better year.  He has been clutch for the Brewers, hitting many of his home runs to tie the game or take the lead.  I can’t think of any other catcher I would rather have than Lucroy.   Posey is right up there, but since he is out, this was an easy one for me.  Weeks is having a good year again, and I just don’t see any other 2nd basemen out-performing him.  Braun was a no-brainer.  Hart started on the DL, and then had a slow start.  But he has started producing like he is able to.

Here are my choices:

  American National
1B Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Prince Fielder, Milwaukee
2B Ben Zobrist, Tampa Bay Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee
SS Jhonny Peralta, Detroit Jose Reyes, New York
3B Alex Rodriguez, New York Placido Polanco, Philadelphia
C Alex Avila, Detroit Jonathon Lucroy, Milwaukee
OF Jose Bautista, Toronto Ryan Braun, Milwaukee
  Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle Cory Hart, Milwaukee
  BJ Upton, Tampa Bay Drew Stubbs, Cincinnati
DH David Ortiz, Boston Lance Berkman, St Louis

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